Everfive Abogados provides the client with a service oriented to the comprehensive care of all needs for the company and employees in the field of industrial relations.

Our objective is to act as the strategic partner in the resolution of any issue on human resources management, accompanying the client in the general design, the definition and implementation of business strategies. Diagnosis, audits, studies of specific situations, legal advice, social dialogue and representation before the authorities.

Our services are aligned with the situation, characteristics, needs and dimension of each client, and they are always provided by lawyers with precise knowledge of the subjects to be treated. The client will always be convinced that the professional who carries out the case masters the matter perfectly and is able to provide the right solutions to each problem.

Human Resources Management

  • Labour & Social Security Due Diligence procedures, adapted to any situation.
  • Design and implementation of general HR management strategies: remuneration and incentive systems, codes of conduct, all issues arising from the incorporation of new technologies, policies of work and family life conciliation, compliance with time schedule control regulations, codes of good labour practices, corporate social responsibility strategies.

Job Recruitment

  • Advice on the different modalities of employment contracts.
  • Advice on access to subsidies and bonuses for contracting.
  • Recruitment of Senior Positions and Directors.
  • Recruitment of foreign employees.
  • Recruitment of groups with disabilities. Alternative measures.

Collective Bargaining

  • Advice on the negotiation of collective agreements, company and work center agreements. Negotiation of Extra-Statutory Agreements.
  • Diagnosis of Equality and Negotiation of Equality Plans.
  • Dialogue with the worker's representatives and Unions.

Reorganizations and Restructurings

  • Advice on legal procedures of Suspension and/or Termination of Contracts, Substantial Modification of Working Conditions and Geographical Mobility.
  • Succession, Merger of Companies, Surrogation.
  • Labour aspects of insolvency procedures.
  • Recruitment and outsourcing of services. Flexible work organization mechanisms.

Labour Conflict

  • Legal advice in situations of strike or labor conflict. Mediation, arbitration and conciliation and search of other out-of-court solutions for dispute resolution.
  • Lockout.

Social Security and Systems of Complementary Insurance

  • Advice on the management and obtaining of subsidies (temporary or permanent disabilities).
  • Retirement, ordinary or early, elaboration and implementation of company plans.

Administrative and Judicial Procedures

  • Labour and Social Security Inspections (infractions, penalties, requirements and warnings).
  • Procedures arising from work risks (halt of activities by serious and imminent risk, accidents at work and occupational diseases).
  • Individual dismissals.
  • Contentious-administrative jurisdiction.
  • Social Security Procedures.
  • Criminal liability arising from non-compliance in labor or social security matters.
  • Union elections.